Get Started
Get Started With GiveawayBot's commands

Ok, so you invited the bot and want to make your first giveaway!

Well, making giveaways just requires one command. -create is simple to use.


The create command needs a couple of parameters. The parameters tell the bot the information needed to start the giveaway. The parameters used are: #channel, -w (Winner Count), (Time) and (Title)
Example: -create #giveaways -w 1 1d Custom Role! These parameters would create a giveaway in the #giveaways channel, with only one winner. The giveaway would last 1 day and the giveaway title is Custom Role!

Giveaway Management

So you created your giveaway, and now you want to draw it early. Well you can do just that!

-draw #channel 1 is the command used to draw a giveaway early.
The #channel tells the bot what channel the giveaway you want to draw is in.
The 1 is the GiveawayID. When creating a giveaway, there will be an ID linked to that giveaway. This makes the multi giveaways in a channel possible. If you only have one giveaway running in that channel then the ID will be 1.