Our Frequently Asked Questions

Do we have to provide the prize?

Yes, GiveawayBot only draws winners, it does not DM them, give them roles, or award the user their prize

How do I create a giveaway?

To create a giveaway simply run this command:
-create #channel -w (Amount of winners) (Time, like 1d or 30m.) (Giveaway Title)

Is there a support server?

Yes, GiveawayBot is with the Fusion Discord Bot group. To request and recieve support you must join the Discord Server and go to #welcome and click on the GiveawayBot emoji. This will give you access to all GiveawayBot Support Channels. To read announcements, downtime and more go to #announcements, to post suggestions go to #suggestions and to request support go to #support and enter the command !support.
Last modified 2yr ago