GiveawayBot Docs
Welcome to the Documentation for GiveawayBot


GiveawayBot is easy to use, creating a giveaway is super easy! Also, we have some cool features, here are a few:
  • Up to 5 giveaways per channel
  • Multiple winners
  • Controllable by permission or role
  • Re-draw winners from a giveaway
  • Delete your giveaways

Get Started

GiveawayBot has few main commands. To start a Giveaway, one command is all you need!


GiveawayBot is with Fusion. Fusion Customer Service aims to provide support 24/7. Ready to deal with any affiliated bot problems whether big or small, don't hesitate to contact the team if you require support! Information on how to request support for GiveawayBot can be found at the link below.
Last modified 2yr ago